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The Defender Pump Guard from Maverick Industries is your first line of defence from theft, vandalism and elemental damage. Let us protect your pumps with our patended tamper resistant cabinet and power your remote fuel stations with optional solar power, and more.

Tough Defence, Simple Access

A heavy duty steel cabinet, keyed locks, and steel hinges will deter even the most determined would-be fuel thief. The Defender Pump Guard also provides you with quick access to your fuel when you need it with a simple turn of the key and twist of the handle.

Defender Pump Guard security lock

The Complete Solution

The Defender is your complete fuelling solution. Compatible with Fill-Rite and GPI pumps and Tamper-Proof cabinets, Defender comes ready for any application. Solar powered Defender models excel in even the most remote locations, making it perfect for Agriculture, Mining, Forestry, Oil & Gas, Military, and more!

Complete Solution Small